Veteran Services

Veterans Benefits

+  You’re in the driver’s seat! Accept only the projects that meet your criteria – pay rate, location, work type, schedule, etc.

+ Ability to “test drive” different companies – who knows. Maybe you end up working with them full time!

+  Flexibility – if you are already employed but looking for supplemental income, this may be a perfect solution to find evening, weekend or additional work if between jobs.

+  Explore the country – not sure where you want to settle? We offer access to jobs nearly anywhere in the country, so if you are an adventurer this may be a perfect fit!

+  Access to training programs – ReadiVets has established several partnerships with institutions across the country where you can get essential training and certifications required by our clients

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We recognize your unique skills and work ethic as a transitioning military soldier or Veteran and want to help you land the opportunity that’s right for you. We are here to help you connect with companies looking for immediate project assistance or hiring full time employees. We can help you put your military training to good use by helping you get you set up to become a virtual entrepreneur as a skilled labor freelancer.

The platform-based, on-demand labor model is rapidly becoming a viable solution for businesses needing help with deployment projects of all types. Over 30 million people are working this way today and this number is growing exponentially. The process to establish yourself and start finding work immediately is simple and fast, and we’re here to help you get your profile up and running and start working on your terms.

We work with businesses primarily in the Telecom, IT, Utility and IoT (Internet of Things) industries. We have significant relationships in these categories and all have unprecedented needs for skilled talent. Register now and we will make contact to learn more about you and your career goals.