About Us

Companies are desperate for skilled workers and transitioning military personnel and retired Veterans need jobs. ReadiVets was built to bring them together in either a full time or contract capacity through our “liquid labor” or on-demand solution.

ReadiVets is a woman-owned and Veteran staffed labor resourcing company connecting Veterans to project based businesses with field service and deployment initiatives in the utility, telecom, IT and IoT sectors. These industries are experiencing explosive growth with the biggest dependency on one major factor – skilled labor.

Our mission is to empower the Veteran community by providing direct access to a variety of jobs and the opportunity to work with some of the greatest companies in the country. ReadiVets provides a unique and flexible solution for businesses who want to accelerate growth or expand their reach by providing the very best talent in the country and the technology to support it.

Our custom “marketplace” is built for Veterans, Veteran’s spouses and direct family members. This marketplace is a single source for Vets to find work and companies to find skilled Vets to complete their projects. This is the new way to work!